Learning Portfolio Four Q1

It is important to verify the credibility of a website for many different reasons, the most prevalent being that we have no idea if the information on the website is accurate. When researching a particular topic, whether it is for university, high school or in the work place, it is vitally important to make sure the information you are gathering in correct and accurate (Walsh, 2012). Otherwise the researcher may use outdated information and pass on these inaccuracies and making the situation worse.

It is also important, in the interest of fairness, to make sure a website is written by someone, not only with the correct qualifications to discuss the topic, but is also the true author of the information. It is quite easy for someone to steal or plagiarise another persons work and pass it of as their own as such we should be careful to vet the author in order to be able to cite the correct person (Morgan, 2017). This is important for two reasons; to make sure we give the correct author credit for their research and time and so our own work is not seen as plagiarism. Without the correct reference someone could be inadvertently plagiarising.

It is also important because some sites, such as Wikipedia, are peer reviewed. As a rule peer reviewed sites should be avoided because they can be changed and altered by the public who may have no idea what they are talking about, making the information inaccurate at best and completely false at worse.

In order to use the most accurate information it is vital to know the credibility of a website before using it as a source of information.


Kori Morgan. (2017) Why Is Credibility of Online Sources Important in Education? Retrieved from: http://oureverydaylife.com/credibility-online-sources-important-education-7012.html

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